Culture Domain

Short Term Culture Projects

1. Music Master Class

Our Partner: Anton Rubinstein Academy

Provide piano, violin, cello, clarinet and other western instruments and vocal master courses for students with a certain foundation…

2. Music Master Class

Our partner: one Professional Music Training School

Provide master courses on piano, violin, guitar, jazz drums and other musical instruments for junior students…

3. Art Master Class

Our partner: one Düsseldorf art master

Master of art graduated from the world’s top Düsseldorf Art Academy. Explain the history of European art, art paintings of famous artists…

4. Drama Master Class

Our Partner: Film acting school cologne

Arrange plot and roles according to the child’s characteristics . Rehearse/perform together with German students…

5. STEM Camp

Our Partner: STEM Training Center of one German Institute of Technology

Provide Lego robots, 3D printing, DNA analysis, astronomical observation, chemistry, communication…

6. Micro Study Abroad

Our Partner: one International School

Micro study abroad courses: teach English, mathematics and science projects, and even learn basic German;Improve children’s comprehensive abilities…

7. Ski Winter Camp

Our Partner: one Alps Professional Ski School

One week of ski lessons, allowing children to learn and improve their skiing skills on the most beautiful mountain in Austria;Professional coach, safe track…

8. Football Youth Training Camp

Our Partner: Bundesliga Football Club

Mönchengladbach Sports Club was established on  01.08.1900. It is a professional football club in Mönchengladbach

9. Equestrian Experience Camp

Our Partner: one German professional equestrian school

With horse riding, children have different experiences, all children sitting on pony/horse can bring more happiness…

10. Team Training Camp

Our Partner:one Professional Camp Training Organization

Perceive nature, understand the forest, encourage thinking, build trust, learn to cooperate, integrate into the team. Training site: forest

Mid Term Culture Projects

1. Music Teacher Training

Our Partner: Anton Rubinstein Academy

Provide piano, violin, cello, clarinet and other western instruments and vocal master courses for music teachers…

2.Drama Teacher Training

Our Partner: Film acting school cologne

Provide professional drama courses, the training including Drama theories, Camera-Acting, Dancing, Emotional work, Breath and voice, Media and microphone speaking, Role work…

3. Football Coach Training

Our partner: one coach training center of Germany football association

This football coach training center belongs to Germany football association, provide football theories and football field training…

Long Term Culture Projects

1. Collaboration between Universities

Our Partners: Universities in Germany and China

We provide intermediate services between China and Germany Universities, to help them to build strategic cooperation with each other including bachelor/master/doctor level training cooperation, research cooperation… to realise win-win targets…

2.Vocational Education Cooperation

Our Partner: Vocational education organisations in Germany and China

Germany vocational education system is very professional and famous in the world, we can help vocational eduction organisations in China to introduce Germany vocational eduction system, the students and etchers can have training in Germany…

3. PSP UniPrep Project

PSP (pre study program) UniPrep is a one year pre-studies program. It is designed for qualified international high school graduates with direct access to a German University.

We can help them to study one year in PSP school which cooperated with some universities, and then they can study in Germany universities later…

4. Middle School Students Studying Abroad

Whom: the middle school students in China who want to study aboard before University.

We can help them to study in international middle school or Germany middle school. We will provide end to end solutions including school interview, Germany languages training, visa application, boarding service…

Photos of the camps