Bridging Europe and China, Connecting the Future!

SEEB Consulting GmbH based in Germany and aims to build a bridge for exchanging between companies, specially between Europe and China, acting as consultant for Culture and Business domain.

Culture domain: Consultancy as well as agency for the exchange between Europe and China of Culture, education, sport, and related experts; import and export of related goods; arrangement of short-term and long-term training, education and jobs for the people in the above areas; and providing service of tour, transportation, accommodation, catering, telecommunication, and the like.

Business domain: Consultancy for Merger and Acquisition; Enterprise Strategy; Enterprise Visit; Company Platform Construction; intermediate consulting service between different companies; Telecommunication/IT solutions Reselling, Design, Installation, Debugging and Professional Service, the cooperation service with 3rd parties for the above business, and the like.

SEEB,”中欧世博咨询” and “中欧学桥” are the brands of SEEB Consulting GmbH.

Our company located in Meerbusch nearby Düsseldorf